Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye 150+l bs

Okay, of course I would have liked a bigger weight loss number for the month BUT I'll settle for BARELY moving from the 150s to the 140s. Barely. But 8 lbs lost in July? I'm not ashamed, I'll be thrilled if I can repeat the results next month.

What I'm doing:

~ Simple math = calories in vs calories out for weight loss
~ Raw fruit for breakfast
~ Raw veggies for lunch
~ whatever I want for dinner - keep overall calorie count for the day in mind.
~ Cheat day! Golf Guy is off on Monday & we eat like fools on that day. I can track it but I don't try to control it.

UPDATE and afterthought: I think fiber and calories, are the key. The more that I spend my caloric allowance on raw fruit & vegetable fiber the more easily I lose weight AND I feel more full while doing it.



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