Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting my act together - Tennis shoe edition

One of the things I'll be doing to help me lose weight is to get in those 10,000 steps a day that everyone recommends. So of course that means I needed new shoes!

Seriously, my old Mizuno Waveswere great shoes but I've worn them out and I can't afford a new pair right now. Instead I've replaced them with a cute pair of less expensive Ryka Women's Lotus Running Shoes.

I've never owned a pair of Ryka's before but I have heard good things about them. They are very cute (with flowers!) but I'll have to see how they hold up. I tend to be pretty rough on the heels of normal tennis shoes (hence the need for the expensive Mizuno's) so I'm curious to see how the less expensive Ryka's perform.

I'll let you know how they do after a few days of pounding the pavement.



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