Monday, July 6, 2009

Dieting around family

Women who are trying to diet around their families have my sympathy. I have only my husband to deal with and I find that difficult enough. I can't imagine how hard it must be once you add children to the mix!

I do just fine on days that GolfGuy works. I get up, walk or work out and prepare and eat my smoothies just fine all day long. When he gets home in the evening I have a halfway healthy meal ready, we eat and then I head out for another walk.

But on GolfGuy's days off :: sigh :: I think it would be much easier to just give up. GolfGuy wants to eat out for at least one meal (and he does deserve a treat!) so there's temptation. He has to have all kinds of snacks and pastries around, and he's not into my smoothies so I'm cooking, cooking and cooking. Temptation, temptation and more can be hard to resist. And even if I do resist it can get tiresome cooking for him and making smoothies for me.

It would be much easier if GolfGuy would just decide to jump on the bandwagon and eat healthy with me, wouldn't it? He says that he will IF I can find a diet book/program that we can both agree on. Of course, we've been looking for that "perfect" book for at least two years now!

I could get discouraged but I think I'll reach my weight loss goal for the week tomorrow. The falling numbers on the scale - they're keeping me going!



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