Saturday, July 19, 2008

At times like this...

What is it about emotional trauma that makes a woman want to go out and get a drastic haircut? Yeah, I haven't had my hair cut professionally in YEARS (at least 10) but I think I'm heading to the mall tomorrow to have it all chopped off. Don't mock the mall salon. Tomorrow is Sunday, where else can you get your hair cut on a Sunday? (My hair hasn't been professionally cut in years but now it has to be taken care of tomorrow?! Dunno.)

Right now my hair is just a couple of inches past my shoulders, up from near middle of my back at the beginning of the year - cut it myself, as always. HA! It looks HORRIBLE. Fat chicks should not have wavy shoulder = double chin length hair. It is NOT complimentary. Way to broaden that silhouette!

I think if I screw up my courage tomorrow I'll go just below my chin (but professionally layered in such a way that I don't look like a mushroom).

It's not that I'm squeamish about cutting my hair or short hair, not at all. I've had some pretty damned drastic haircuts in my day, (but I was thinthinthin then...and young!).

Golf Guy doesn't want super short. (The way it was when we met? Ahem.)

I just want something that doesn't get in my damned way during the next 4 months while I shed 50 pounds. (Yeah, that's my goal.)

My big bugaboo is having some stranger touch me. Just the thought of someone being within my PERSONAL SPACE long enough to give me a decent haircut gives me the heebeejeebees. I don't like people touching me. I REALLY don't like strangers touching me.

Not to mention having to make polite conversation all that time. I just don't think I have it in me.

Okay, gotta stop because all this post is doing is giving me a million and one reasons NOT to get a PROFESSIONAL haircut tomorrow. G-d forbid tomorrow morning I chicken out on the PROFESSIONAL part and end up in front of my OWN MIRROR AT HOME with a photo of Posh Spice and a pair of scissors.  (The tattoo? I guess I'll just have to grab a Bic pen. Classy!)



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