Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Other electoral vote predictions

Here's the results from me haphazardly collecting electoral college predictions from various TV pundits for the last few days. Note that all the results below are all predicting a Barack Obama win. I haven't seen one pundit predicting a McCain win willing to put a number on it. That leads me to believe that they're doing a lot more wishing than real analysis. I think if they'd spend a few minutes with a map and a calculator they'd get a big dose of reality.

Karl Rove 338

George Stephanopoulos 353

Mark Halperin 349

Matthew Dowd 338

Donna Brazile 343

James Carville 365

Alex Castellanos 318

David Gergen 328

Paul Begala 325

George Will 378

Larry Sabato 364

And just for fun:

Mrs. Parkhopper 352

Minima 353



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