Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't vote early

...if you're wishy washy on the issues. A lesson in the perils of early voting for those not having firm convictions.

“I voted early just because I could, but I think it’s ridiculous," said Alice Richards, 65, of Wheaton, Illinois. “I was at a mall– the Stratford Square Mall– and there was a place where people could vote early while they were shopping, so I did.”

In retrospect, she’s not happy about it, because she didn’t think that she was required to show enough documentation– and, although she still is solidly behind the candidate for whom she voted for president, she has since changed her mind on one of the local issues for which she cast a ballot. On that issue, even though today is Election Day, it's not Election Day for her– her vote is gone, and she can’t get it back.

Poor Alice. She's a victim of a voting system that is far too convenient and easy.



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